About me – Delcho Dobrev

I grew up in Moscow where I completed secondary and higher education. I graduated from school with the English language, after which i entered the University of Economics (SAU – State Academy of Management named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze) with a degree in Information Systems in Management. After graduating from the university, i continued to work in Russia and Kazakhstan, holding both technical positions (programmer-administrator, analyst-statistician), and subsequently in management positions (director of the representative office).

I am extremely grateful for the years in Russia and Kazakhstan, where, while gaining the richness of the Russian soul, I acquired great inner space, freedom and scope. As they say in Russia, “The Russian soul is broad.”

Upon returning to Bulgaria in 2007, I began an internal process of self-discovery through prayer, energy work and physical cleansing following the advice of Teacher Petar Dunov.

Using naturopathy methods, I quickly restored the necessary purity of the physical body. These methods were so effective and I was so impressed by them that over the next 3 years I trained extensively in the science of Naturopathy, which subsequently allowed me to begin helping others restore their natural health.

Seeing how many are trying to solve psycho-emotional issues through food, I began to look for other methods to help people.

I practiced various energy practices and systems, methods from yoga, Taoism, energy work according to the methods of Teacher Petar Dunov, as well as energy practices according to Russian systems.

All this intense energy work allowed me to acquire exceptionally high energetic sensitivity to the sensations of my body, energy flows, their movement and work, as well as to sense and see the state of other people.

Studying at the “School of Light” and “Enlightenment through Compassion” with Oksana Vladimirovna for three years allowed me to rediscover myself and significantly improve my clairvoyant and healing abilities.

The training helped me start conducting healing therapy sessions and meditations, where people receive treatment directly from Light Beings – Angels, Saints and Teachers from the path of Light and Love.

I am very grateful to Oksana for her patience, guidance and all her help.

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